The Military-Industrial Complex in New Hampshire

Some notes on the map: Contractors are those with DoD contracts issued from 2018-2021, and only a selection of these are included.  There are thousands in the database (from 2008-present) in NH.  For Cheshire County alone, there were 1,370 contracts (many to the same leading businesses) from 2008-present.  From 2008-2010, C&S Wholesale Grocers was the largest recipient of DoD funds in Keene; now it is Timken.  Cities and towns receiving contracts have not been included.   

Only one “town square” is noted, with a home-made icon, but there are many more.  Note that even closed bases are economic hubs, as “remediation” goes on forever, with crews needing motels, Targets, burgers, etc. 

What would be difficult to include were investments, philanthropy, recruiting stations, monuments, parades, and others.   Almost all of us are part of it in some way.  My bank belongs to the weapons exporting consortium; others have children in MIC sponsored robotics programs. 

The legend is in the ocean. 

The factory symbol was used for all businesses, even if their products were construction or information.

New Course: International Law

This will be a Zoom course, so if all slots are not filled by locals, far-flung students may apply.  The CALL program is intended for those 55 and over, and is no credit no homework no grades.  Outside reading is optional, and rare.  It will be held from mid-March to mid-May.